FREE WEBINAR: Most-Open-Valve (MOV) Automation for Wastewater Treatment

Improve reliability, reduce energy consumption, and maintain compliance with MOV automation. Learn how in this webinar from Hoffman & Lamson.

FREE WEBINAR: Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 | 10 AM EST


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What Can I Expect From This Webinar?

In this informational webinar you will learn how MOV delivers balanced airflow management at minimum operating pressure, eliminating the manual adjustment of blowers and valves. 

With MOV automation you can...

  • Maintain, monitor, and control DO across multiple basins
  • Integrate start-up, sequencing, control and management of multiple blower technologies
  • Eliminate tuning challenges of pressured based cascade control systems 

All while reducing energy consumption and wear and tear on your aeration blower.

Presented by Bob Kisler and Andre Narbonne

Bob Kisler

Bob Kisler is responsible for developing and implementing new Hoffman & Lamson products that drive process improvement and energy savings. With more than 30 years of experience, Bob is an expert concerning centrifugal, high-speed turbo, and positive displacement blower technologies, as well controls and energy management; including VFD and PLC.

Bob Kisler Regional Sales Manager for HOFFMAN & LAMSON
Bob Kisler
Andre Narbonne for Hoffman & Lamson
Andre L. Narbonne

Andre L. Narbonne, PE, CEM

Andre drives optimization of aeration systems using HOFFMAN & LAMSON products and controls to maximize functionality, reliability and efficiency of new and existing systems. He has extensive experience in energy analysis and efficiency implementation in the industrial sector.