Worry Less & Keep your System in Compliance with Rigel Controls from Hoffman & Lamson

Bob Kisler and George Hubbard, Regional Sales Managers for HOFFMAN & LAMSON products, are hosting an exclusive free and interactive webinar to introduce you to the new & improved Rigel Controls family on Friday, November 6, 2020, @ 11 AM ET through Zoom. Worry less about load flow and keep your system in compliance so your plant can operate efficiently.  

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Meet our Experts

Bob Kisler

Bob Kisler, Regional Sales Manager for HOFFMAN & LAMSON Products, is responsible for developing and implementing new products for process improvement, energy saving assistance through centrifugal blower technologies, VFD, and PLC controls. Bob has over 30 years of industry experience and is well known for accomplishments like presenting at nationwide wastewater conferences, developing the scope of energy audits, reports, ROI analysis, and new control products.  

Bob Kisler Hoffman & Lamson Regional Sales Manager
George Hubbard, Hoffman & Lamson Regional Sales Manager

George Hubbard

George Hubbard has been a Regional Sales Manager for HOFFMAN & LAMSON Products since 2013 and has spent the last 18 years specializing in positive displacement and centrifugal blowers & compressors. George has 35+ years of experience in the OEM field and enjoys aiding in crafting solutions for customers.

During our webinar, Bob and George will identify ways to retrofit existing aeration blowers to accommodate new technologies, present a live case study, and answer your questions during our live Q&A session. 

HOFFMAN & LAMSON Rigel Controls Webinar