Hoffman & Lamson Expands WWT Product Portfolio with PD Blower Packages

 Hoffman & Lamson has added positive displacement (PD) lobe and screw blower packages to their North American portfolio of wastewater treatment solutions. Bringing together the most recognized wastewater treatment blower brands in the Americas and Europe, Hoffman PD blower packages feature “Robuschi inside.”
“As North America’s preeminent blower provider for over 150 years, Hoffman & Lamson has long concentrated on being a center of excellence for the growing and ever-changing wastewater treatment industry.  PD complement our existing high-speed turbo and multistage centrifugal blower technologies. Together with our blower controls and sequencing capabilities, Hoffman & Lamson provide competitive, turnkey, energy-saving solutions for virtually any wastewater treatment aeration need,” Scott Hurlbut, Director of Sales for Nash North America, said. 

Marketed as the HOFFMAN DEFENDER™ series, these PD blower packages reduce energy consumption when compared to other technologies, which makes a major difference because energy consumption accounts for up to 50% of the annual operational costs in wastewater treatment plants. Additionally, they are configured to optimize performance for specific process requirements in water and wastewater applications.


applications including municipal wastewater treatment. Hoffman PD blower packages come with remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance functions that are proven to contribute to reducing downtown.

For over 150 years, Hoffman & Lamson has been a worldwide leader in the blower and exhauster solutions market upholding a strong reputation for producing premier quality products efficiently and economically. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of product offerings – including multistage centrifugal, high-speed turbo, positive displacement, and regenerative blowers – that is expected to be further expanded later this year.

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