Hoffman & Lamson offers a wide range of commercial, industrial, and utility vacuum hoses, floor rods, and hand tools to the vacuum marketplace. Our vacuum hoses are available in a variety of materials such as flexible plastic, heavy-duty rubber, vinylife, and more.

Floor rods and tools offer durability and versatility for general clean-up. Commercial duty rods and tools are ideal for lighter duty floor vacuuming while our industrial floor rods are for more severe industrial conditions. Hoffman & Lamson hand tools are generally used attached directly to the hose or with overhead/extension rods and are for close-up cleaning jobs. Similar to the floor tools, our Industrial hand tools are typically used in heavy-duty applications while the commercial hand tools are for lighter operations.

Fully realize the benefits of your vacuum system with our commercial and industrial duty hose and tool kits.

Hand Tools

Hoffman & Lamson provides a range of hand tools tailored for commercial and industrial purposes. Our commercial-grade hand tools are commonly used for detailed cleaning tasks like upholstery, crevices, stairs, and overhead pipes. Our industrial hand tools are well-suited for precise applications in industrial settings, such as vacuuming metal chips or broken glass around machinery.

Vacuum Hoses

Hoffman & Lamson provides an extensive selection of commercial vacuum hoses, including crush-proof plastic, flexible plastic, heavy-duty rubber, and heavy-duty corrugated plastic hoses. Each hose type is equipped with distinct features tailored to excel in different applications.

Vacuum Hoses by Hoffman & Lamson

Floor Rods and Tools

Hoffman & Lamson provides an extensive variety of Commercial and Industrial Floor Rods & Tools, suitable for both lighter applications and more demanding conditions. With Hoffman & Lamson, you can expect durability and versatility in all your Floor Rods & Tools needs.