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HOFFMAN Revolution

The Hoffman™ Revolution™ is a high speed centrifugal blower, designed as the world's most advanced blower energy management system. This breakthrough technology takes performance and power savings to new heights of efficiency, reliability and control. The precise performance window and range of the unit will vary depending on the flow/pressure combination, jobsite conditions, and the application itself.

Considering an efficiency upgrade? Hoffman & Lamson is currently running an incentive on all Revolution models. Ask us about special pricing that further accelerates payback on your investment in our popular high speed centrifugal. 


Control Features
• PLC controlled
• Low voltage 24 VDC operation
• Supports VFD via Ethernet/Modbus link
• Blower air regulation via PID control
• Pressure, flow modes
• Intelligent limiting for operation in extreme environments
• Feature-rich error handling for safe machine operation
• Expandable PLC to meet I/O of industrial applications
• Up to 4 pressure and 4 temperature transducer inputs
• Expandable discrete inputs and outputs for user control
• Ethernet communications for remote monitoring

HMI Touchscreen Features
• 8.4 inch, 640 x 480 LCD color display with LED backlighting
• Touchscreen for blower control menu navigation
• Comprehensive screens for "at-a-glance" blower status
• Password protection of control parameter and setup menus
• Multiple language support


Product Performance

High Speed Centrifugal Product Performance

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