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Reduce Fugitive Emissions with the MAX Seal

The engineers at Hoffman & Lamson have brought new technology and innovation to your reliable Hoffman & Lamson multistage centrifugal blowers. Hoffman & Lamson used their unrivaled knowledge and experience to develop a dry running seal that reduces fugitive emissions by up to 67%* and eliminates bearing contamination from process gas. 

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Hoffman & Lamson App for Android and Apple

Augmented Reality Experience

Experience Hoffman & Lamson blower products and systems through Augmented Reality on your Apple or Android device using our AR Explorer App for Apple and Android Devices. 

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Higher than Expected Energy Savings for Austalian Yeast Producer

The Mauri ANZ plant in Camellia, Australia produces a full range of yeast for bakery products, alcohol production and specialty applications. Once the yeast culture, molasses and other ingredients are mixed, a series of fermentation stages occur. Mauri ANZ determined that substantial savings could be made by replacing their two blowers with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controlled, direct drive, high speed HOFFMAN & LAMSON Revolution blowers.

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