Flux Recovery


Hoffman and Lamson flux recovery systems remove unused flux, slag or fused particles from the work and separate the slag-free flux into a hopper for future use. Removing the flux dust results in cleaner welds, fewer rejects and increased production.


Hoffman and Lamson flux recovery systems are available as pre-engineered systems or can be engineered to suit specific applications. All units vacuum at the weld site and remove unwanted materials. In one step, unused flux is separated from dust, particulate and slag to be re-used later.

Hoffman™ and Lamson™ Products

Central flux recovery systems with multiple pickups can be designed by our experts including a Hoffman or Lamson vacuum producer, tubing and fittings, separators, filters, silencers, valves, timers, programmable controllers and standard or specialized pick-up tools.

These sturdy units are available in six horsepower ranges from ¾ HP to 10 HP with induction motors designed for years of continuous service. Special inlets and rubber baffles are used to resist the abrasive nature of the welding flux.

The 4000 Series performs like the other models, but is smaller and recommended for intermittent duty.

  • Flux Recovery Small
Flux Recovery Large